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The team at Hitecink have provided me some of the most outstanding service I've ever experienced over the years. Nothing is ever too much trouble and they have always gone the extra mile to solve tough problems no one else could. Flexible and friendly with more experience than you can shake a stick at, they're like an extension of your own team. This is how business should be done.

Rich Fraser, Director,  


Hitecink continues to be a trusted and consistent supplier of paper and ink for Textiles Alive - and has been for several years now Les always goes out of his way to get the right solution for us, and Kevin is a competent and knowledgeable technician. Their integrity is welcome and we see them both as part of our team. If ever there are any issues - it is sorted as rapidly as possible. We like to work with suppliers who we can talk to and rely on, and I’d very happy to recommend them, and happy to discuss with you if you wish.

John Heyworth, Director, Textiles Alive. 


“Five stars for the awesome team at Hitecink. Knowledgeable with products and printing machine which is an advantage for us. Quick easy online ordering and shipping. We highly recommend Hitecink.”

Joy Haines,  Quick Print Tees


Top Stitch have used the services of Hitech Inks for their business now for several years. Initially as a supplier of inks for their DTG printer and more recently now as technical support and remote access services for our brother DTG printer our Roland printer and our computers.

Kevin has been able to systematically talk us through some major printer updates and fine tuning for print quality and beyond.

The knowledge Hitech Ink have accumulated over time is substantial and is comfiting as a business owner to know there is solid and reliable back up and support covering the multiple levels in this industry.

If anyone is asking for recommendations I would not hesitate to steer you in the direction of this company.

At any time I would be happy to talk to any other business owner regarding the confidence we hold in Hitech Inks for their support which they have provided us over the time we have been in the print and branding industry.

Kind Regards

Graeme Beer

A: 195 St Aubyn Street NP

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